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COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Beware of scams
Members of the public receiving messages or phone calls for purchasing vaccine certificates for travel purposes, or claiming that their vaccination booking or record is cancelled and asking them for sensitive personal information or bank accounts details should stay on the alert and should not follow the caller's instructions. They should call the Anti-Scam Helpline 18222. Government departments will generally provide information to verify the identity of both parties when they call the public to follow up on matters relating to vaccination or vaccination booking.

Currently eligible persons are free of charge to participate in the Hong Kong Government COVID-19 vaccination programme. After the vaccine is received, a vaccination record will be provided. Members of the public can also download their electronic vaccination records via the COVID-19 Electronic Vaccination and Testing Record System, “iAMSmart” mobile app or through the “eHealth” mobile app.

Vaccination Programme implemented:
758 days
Number of doses administered:
20,734,883 doses
Number of doses administered (1st dose):
6,914,706 doses
More than 13.32 billion vaccine doses have been administered worldwide, equal to 167 doses for every 100 people
Source: Data from local governments via Our World in Data (Last updated on 7 March)

Hong Kong Vaccination Dashboard

Total Doses Administered
Population with 1st Vaccine Dose: 
6,914,706 (94.6%)
Population with 2nd Vaccine Dose: 
6,798,042 (93.1%)
Population with 3rd Vaccine Dose: 
5,849,046 (83.9%)
Population with 4th Vaccine Dose: 
Population with 5th Vaccine Dose: 
Population Aged below 3 years with 1st Vaccine Dose: 

*The percentages are based on population aged 3 or above
#The percentage is based on population aged 12 or above

Latest Daily Figure of Doses Administered
1,074 (7-day moving average)
1st vaccine dose: 
2nd vaccine dose: 
3rd vaccine dose: 
4th vaccine dose: 
5th vaccine dose: 

As at 25 March 2023
The percentages of population with vaccine dose(s) may be different from previous statistics as the population base has been updated with the provisional estimate of the end-year population for 2021 provided by the Census and Statistics Department

Children and Adolescents Should Receive COVID-19 Vaccination as Early as Possible
How many doses of COVID-19 vaccine are recommended for me?
1. Clinically stable
 Can get vaccinated
 2. Recovered / in remission / condition under contro
 Can get vaccinated
 3. Allergic history
 suspected allergic reaction to prior COVID-19 vaccination
 history of anaphylaxis
 severe immediate (within an hour) allergic reaction to multiple food or more than one class of drugs
 Should consult your doctor
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Last review date: 21 March 2023